3 Beauty Education Myths Busted!

3 Beauty Education Myths

1 – “I’ll just learn privately, it’s the same thing.”

Wrong. It’s always best to be Certified from a Government Approved College. It’s the only way your Credential is valid and your knowledge is accurate. Employers and even Clients are getting to know the difference, don’t take that chance. Invest in legitimate training from a Registered College.

2 – “You don’t even need to be Certified.”

Wrong. Many Cities and Provinces across Canada now require Service Providers to have formal Education, and while some areas of Study may not officially require Certification according to the Province, guess who will require you to be Certified? Your Clients and Employers will ask about your Education background and soon enough laws will change to fully require it. Don’t back track for Education, get it from the get go.

3 – “Being Self Taught is enough.”

Basically, No. You can practice and enhance your skills on your own but there is a lot to learn about Sanitation, the Body System and Anatomy that can make the difference in your technique and overall Client Care. Why risk it? Even Insurance Providers will ask for proof of formal Education.

Unless you’re working only on Friends and Family, being formally Educated before servicing the general Public is a responsibility, don’t take it lightly.

So many reasons to make it official. Enroll and Earn a single skilled Certificate or an in depth Vocational Diploma.

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