Q?What makes GLOW Academy different?

While there may be makeup artistry courses available at alternate schools and even makeup artists that may offer private 1-on-1 or small group sessions either from the comfort of their homes or temporarily rented locations, our students have chosen GLOW Academy for several reasons:

  • Our students while still learning are given the opportunity to partake in real industry events like fashion shows, magazine shoots, beauty pageants, TV, films and music videos. Graduating with a resume/portfolio of actual industry experiences makes you a more desirable candidate in the marketplace, whether you are looking to freelance or get called in for an interview to land that first job!
  • Graduate with a certificate from a school where makeup is one of its specialties. You’ll quickly realize that makeup isn’t just another course we’ve “thrown in” to our already extensive list of unrelated courses. Imagine sitting in a classroom, trying to learn makeup while there are IT/Computer classes going on next door! Really?!
  • Graduate from a school that is rooting for your success! Your success is our success. If the school or person you are learning from is having you sign a contract that restricts what you can and can’t do after graduating (for any specified amount of time post graduation), then you have to question whose best interest do they have at heart? At GLOW Academy, we provide students with workshops on resume building, freelancing, marketing yourself and personal mentorship for those that seek it. We also get a good number of Industry opportunities sent our way, which are shared with our grads to help secure employment in their field of study.
Q?Are GLOW Academy courses recognized?

GLOW Academy is a MAC preferred makeup school. Our certificates are well recognized by Cosmetic Companies, Industry Shows and many avenues of the Industry students wish to pursue. Our certificate courses do not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. Students receive an individual certificate in each area of study upon successfully completing each of their certificate courses. Diploma programs offered by GLOW College of Artistic Design are registered under the Private Career College Act, 2005.

Q?Is GLOW Academy recognized by MAC?

GLOW Academy is thrilled to be a MAC Preferred Makeup School. MAC invites our students to their store tours and job fairs. MAC also offers 20% discounts to our students and 40% to GLOW Grads!

Q?Are your prices competitive?

While significantly less than many schools, and slightly greater than others, we have based our pricing on classroom hours, portfolio shoots, kits (where provided), and the overall industry experience opportunity. Comparing our prices with others and comparing “apple to apple”, you will find our prices are fair and affordable and certainly do not outweigh the value that our students receive.

Q?Are payment plan options available?

Finances should not keep you from pursuing your passion. Ask our Admissions Advisor about financing and flexible low monthly payment options available to all students no matter what combination of courses are chosen. You’ll be surprised how easily you can get started!

Q?What will I receive upon completing my course(s)?

Once the requirements of each certificate course is completed, you will be provided with a Certificate confirming your successful completion of the course. A Diploma is issued upon successful completing and obtaining a passing grade in all modules within our vocational diploma programs. Digital copies of your portfolio images (where applicable) are provided shortly after each portfolio shoot. All this along with the confidence developed and experience (where applicable) makes our students strong and favorable candidates to enter the industry.

Q?What happens after I graduate?

Your relationship with GLOW Academy does not end at the conclusion of the course(s) you take. Graduates are encouraged to stay connected to the “GLOW community” for news and updates on additional ongoing industry opportunities each year. Graduates are encouraged to keep in touch to keep us updated on their progression. We love bragging on our grads and do feature grads on our Blog as well!

Q?What level of success have GLOW Academy graduates achieved?

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the success rate of our graduates. While there are always a percentage that become distracted by circumstances no matter where and what they studied, we are proud of the graduates that follow through with persistent effort, taking the skills, experiences and mentorship from GLOW Academy into successful Freelance Artist careers, Beauty Jobs (for such companies as Shoppers Drug Mart, Smash Box, Loreal and More) as well as businesses, including owing Salons and Spas. Take a look at some of the companies our grads have worked with.

Q?What kind of Career Coaching is available?

Various workshops on resume building, freelancing, marketing and starting a beauty business is available to GLOW students and graduates at no cost. Personal mentorship is available and encouraged for grads to take advantage of. Your success is our success. Even if you need the support years after graduating, we are here to help you reach your career and business goals. We love bragging on our grads!

Q?Are the courses available part time?

Part time evening and weekend classes are available. Our certificate courses have been designed with you in mind. There’s no need to compromise your current work hours or interfere with your existing personal commitments.  Day time and weekend classes may also be available. We are also one of the few educational institutes that also offers you the flexibility to earn your Diploma studying part time! Let us know what your availability is like and we will find you the perfect class to join.

Q?What are the class sizes?

Class sizes are typically at 10-14 students, allowing for a student to teacher ratio that not only favors focused learning but also individual attention to each student. At GLOW, you’ll figure out very quickly that you’re not just another number!

Q?Where can I find information on course outlines, class start dates and schedules?

– Click here to view our complete list of Certificate Courses.

– Click here to view our complete list of Diploma Programs.

Q?How do I get started?

Reach out today in any of the following forms of communication and our Admission Advisors will be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you with the enrollment process.

– Book an appointment online to meet with an Admission Advisor

– Call us today to book a personal tour of our beautiful facility, gather more information, ask questions (remember, the only bad question is the one you don’t ask) and steps on how to start the registration process.

– Send your details using our contact form and our Admissions Advisor will get in touch with you.