There are endless opportunities when you become a GLOW Grad. From employment opportunities working for cosmetic companies in a multitude of scenarios, to becoming a self employed freelance makeup artist or even becoming a business owner!


We claim and stand behind providing the highest degree of experience to our students and graduates, allowing them to state noteworthy credentials on their resumes before even fully graduating. No wonder our graduates are sought after and more desirable to employers.

Cosmetic Retails positions include jobs in places such as Department and Drug Store Beauty Counters working as Cosmetic Consultants and Advisors, Cosmetic Company Kiosks working on makeovers and cosmetic sales, Cosmetic Representatives traveling regionally providing hands on demonstrations for popular Cosmetic lines and more.

Our regularly held Career developing workshops give you tips on how to not only create/update your resume, but where to look for jobs, how to apply to those jobs and how to continue progressing throughout your career.


For those looking to start a primary makeup career or alongside an already existing career that may or may not be related to makeup.

The scheduling flexibility of Freelancing allows you to control your own schedule and doesn’t require you to compromise your existing commitments, whether it be another career, personal or family matters. Build your clients and jobs around your life.

For those that aspire to eventually replace other careers altogether, full time freelancing can be far more lucrative then industry jobs, allowing you over time, to set premium rates for your services.

Freelancing Know How is taught within our Career developing workshops outlining how to get started in freelancing, marketing yourself and setting competitive prices to get yourself noticed.


For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, many GLOW Grads aim beyond the job world to Business Ownership. From starting Spas and Salons to Cosmetic Companies, it all starts with the belief that any level of success is possible if you are willing to fully apply yourself.

Our Beauty Business workshops is a good start towards learning how to register, brand, kick start and market your business. SHE INC sessions are aimed and getting you towards the right trail of thought that leads to success in Business both in the immediate and the long run.