FASHION DESIGN courses start in Fall 2019!

Pave your way into the Fashion Industry with these comprehensive and hands on courses designed to inspire you with fashion history, principles, practice and techniques. Aspiring Fashion Designers are now able to learn sketching, stylizing and garment construction using a combination of classic processes and modern techniques. These courses can be utilized to build your portfolio in preparation for further education or simply fast track to a freelance career in Fashion Design! Fashion Design Courses Available:

Fashion Essentials
The Fashion Essentials Course is the ultimate course to introduce Students to the world of Fashion Design. From historical to current day influences, learn the essentials of Fashion Design, including research, color theories, trends, mood boarding, design journaling and mechanising.

Fashion Illustration & Design
Followed by the Fashion Essentials course, these Fashion Illustration and Design classes allow Students to develop the start of their unique Fashion portfolio full of sketching, stylizing as well as full collections from Street wear, to Stage and ultimately Couture. Learn and apply the process of Fashion Designing. From influence, inspiration or imagination, learn to sketch, design and create multiple collections to add to your portfolio. Develop your unique ideas with mood board and texture chart exercises that lead to a blend of hand and digital illustration techniques.

Fashion Garment Construction
Our Garment Construction course allows Students to develop hands on skills in hand stitching and embroidery, body measuring and pattern making as well as construction of various clothing items. Learn the art of flat and mannequin pattern making and be led into machine sewing of articles that encompass darts, zippers, pleats, elastics and sleeves. At the completion of this course, Students will gain a pouch, top, skirt and pants as portfolio items.

Avant Garde Fashion Design
Design purely from imagination. Push the boundaries of fashion and use unorthodox styles to reshape how the world perceives Fashion and Beauty. Journal, design and create something radical for your portfolio with these Avant-Garde Fashion Design classes. Final assignment includes the use of hand stitching and adhesives. No sewing machines required. Complete the course with a live photo shoot of your design.

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