ZARA Inspired Spring/Summer Shoot

If you want fresh, fashion inspiration for Spring, ZARA offers trendy, elegant looks that cater to anyone’s needs. ZARA is a European brand that has 120 stores world-wide. Its success comes from their ability to effectively forecast designs and replenish existing items in as little as two weeks by spending less in advertising and more on production.

Our GLOW girls were honored to work for a well-known designer brand that is successful world-wide, with their unique & innovative ideas. Our girls a great time at our ZARA inspired Spring/Summer shoot, getting in touch with their creative fun side. The event was held on April 5th at 456 College Street in Toronto. 3 makeup artists & 2 hair stylists were recruited for the shoot, which was a great opportunity for our students, as the images from the shoot will be placed in advertising campaigns along with images being made available to our students to add to their personal portfolios.