“Power of Pink” photoshoot

We had the opportunity to host the “Power of Pink shoot” today. Our students had the opportunity to work on and spend some quality time in the company of some amazing industry women. Can’t wait to see the professional images! — with Prita Chhabra, Nikki Clarke, Mahana Syed, Dilshad Burman and Laura Furtado

The founder of GLOW Academy created a term for individuals called SHE INC. SHE INC. is a concept used to empower women in not only their jobs, but also in all aspects of their lives. In the workforce, many gender differences apply such as physical and emotional factors. These influences may stem from psychological factors, such as upbringing, or physical factors, such as an employee’s capability to perform job duties. Differences may also stem from gender stereotypes related to men and women. SHE INC. teaches and supports everything from eliminating excuses to building up confidence in women. SHE INC. is an inspiration for women around the world. These amazing industry women joined us in a tea party and shared their success stories and accomplishments. The idea creates a powerful new insight on how to dramatically increase effectiveness and fast track in various areas of ones life. The concept of SHE INC. is for every woman to empower and fortify themselves in this ever changing environment we live in.