Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions Certificate

Course Description


Designed for Beauty Professionals AND Enthusiasts with no prior background, this 10 Hour Certificate Course sets the stage for gaining knowledge and hands on training of safe and effective Lash Extension application techniques. Your Lash Extension Career starts with this comprehensive course. Additional class time and ongoing support is available for those that require it. Your confidence is our success.

This course is designed to fully prepare you to be able to safely and effectively apply Lash extensions. You may possibly be Client ready from day two! Classes may also be available during evening hours. Many students are nervous at first and for some it takes a long time to apply their first lash. After that, you will be thrilled at how quickly you’ll get the hang of it.
Practice makes perfect and with each consecutive application, your speed and precision will pick up. Even Pros were once students!

Fees Include

  • Training Booklet
  • Lash Extension Kit
  • Digital Certificate of Completion



DAY 1 (5 hours)

Arrive and Settle in for Introductions

  1. Lash Extension History, Original Methods and Current Developments
  2. Lash Anatomy Lesson
  3. Health, Safety, Sanitation and Client Considerations
  4. Room and Kit Set Up
  5. Product Knowledge
  6. Consultation/ Release Forms
  7. Lash Styling
  8. Step by Step Demonstration of the Lash Application Technique
  9. Practice Applying on Strip Lashes
  10. Correcting and Removing Lashes
  11. Refill Appointment Considerations and Techniques
  12. Lash Business, Marketing and Insurance


DAY 2 (5 hours)

Student to provide Live Model.
Model must arrive with clean face and lashes. Contact lenses must be removed. Choose a model with a full set of natural lashes for the best opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills.

  1. Theory Review and Written Test
  2. Set up Room
  3. Client Consultation practice on Model
  4. Hands on Application on Model
  5. Hands on Removal and Correcting on Model
  6. Question and Answer Period
  7. Practical Assessment