Course Description

This advanced fashion makeup course sets the stage for learning far more than just basic Fashion Makeup techniques. Start with lessons in Period Makeup covering such eras as Egyptian times, 1920s, 1950s and beyond. Learn the principles of Makeup for Photography with lessons in Black and White Photography Makeup as required for Actor Headshots and Photography Studios. Open up the potential of working In Theatre with lessons in Stage and Theatre Makeup. Additionally, learn the art of Runway 1 and 2 Makeup Looks. Complete this course with an optional Portfolio Shoot reflecting two looks.

Fees Include

  • Course Booklet
  • Digital Certificate of Completion
  • Two Digital Portfolio Images (optional)



Total 24 Classroom Hours and 6 Studio Hours.
Available as 6 Hour Weekend Classes.

  1. Review Course Outline, Pre-Plan Model and Props for Portfolio Shoot
  2. History of Makeup
  3. Egyptian Times Demonstration and Hands on Practice
  4. 1920s Demonstration and Hands on Practice
  5. 1950s Demonstration and Hands on Practice
  6. 1970s to 90s Discussion and Instructor choice of Hands on Practice
  7. Photography Makeup
  8. Black and White Makeup Demonstration and Hands on Practice
  9. Stage and Theatre Demonstration and Hands on Practice
  10. Runway 1 and 2 Demonstration and Hands on Practice
  11. Career Coaching discussion – Freelancing with Photographers, Theatres and Agencies
  12. Portfolio Shoot – Complete two looks (optional)