GLOW Academy offers full certificate programs in the areas of Makeup Artistry, Airbrush Makeup, Hair Design, Lash Extensions and all areas of Aesthetics.

Our certificate courses do not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. Combining certificate courses DOES NOT make your courses a vocational program. Students will receive an individual digital certificate in each area of study upon successfully completing each certificate course. Certificates are not issued for Workshops or Master Classes.
Students looking for Vocational Diploma programs are encouraged to visit our COLLEGE page

Enrolments are open to Canadian Residents and Canadian Citizens.
Enrolments are also open to International applicants whose total study duration would be under 6 months.

Below is a summary of how to get registered.

There are a number of different ways to get yourself registered for each of your courses of interest. Choose the method that suits you best.


Please call or schedule yourself online to arrange a time to come in person to complete the registration process. You may get a head start by downloading, printing and completing the necessary forms by clicking on the pdf link. The forms are also available for when you come in person to register.


Once you have discussed payment options with an Admissions Coordinator either by phone or in person, you may complete the enrolment process virtually by completing and submitting enrolment form along with your payment method of choice.

Download, print and complete the necessary forms. Scan and send in by email to info@glow-academy.ca or fax to 1-877-719-6823

Once your forms are received, we will process your payment based on your payment option of choice.

Note: registration is not deemed complete until your payment has been processed.